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August 2, 2012

Roll call for D-Day

Hello troopers,

It is already August and the D-Day event in Conneaut, OH August 17-18 is almost upon us. The unit plans to set up Friday the 17th, participate on the 18th, and stay over till Sunday morning. A warning order will be coming out with more details. The plan is to set up the pyramidal.

At this time I need to get a head count from members of Baker Company, 101st so I can report this information to Sgt. Penix. Therefore, please answer the following questions in an email to:
  1. Will you be attending?
  2. When will you arrive and depart (i.e. are you coming Friday night and staying until Sunday morning).
  3. Are you firing .30-06 or .308 ammo.
  4. In addition to the Airborne scenario on Saturday morning, are you also equip to participate in the beach landing Saturday afternoon as regular infantry.
Please let me know the above information ASAP. More information can be found on the event website at


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