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June 27, 2009

Night Patrol and compass course after action report

Okay, I'll make this short. The compass course was a good first start at learning land navigation. We were all able to follow our compass azimuth heading and arrive at the designated way points without any difficulty. Finding the tokens at the way points was another story. With that said I would judge this exercise as a success simply because we were able to move to the designated points. We learned several things during this first exercise and will schedule a second compass training course with modifications that were discussed later in the year, date TBD.

The Night patrol training finished up exposing several areas we need to work on. I gage it a partial success and we must remember that is why it is called training, so we all learn. We will also schedule a training day and second night patrol exercise for later in the year, date TBD. We will incorporate what we learned and expand on it for the next training.


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