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September 21, 2010

Warning Order for Alliance - 24-26 SEP


This weekend will be our annual event at the old Taylorcraft Aircraft plant in Alliance, Ohio (better known as "Ride Through History"). On behalf of Sgt Eddy, please refer to the following details.

1. There are two phases of the event. The living history camp and the battle scenario (Saturday and Sunday). These are in two separate locations. Members of the organization will be portraying troops in Holland during Operation Market Garden. You will receive further orders for the scenario on site.

2. UOD will be M-43s with helmet nets (no scrim). Jump or two-buckle boots are both acceptable. Weapons will be our standard. The event supplies some blanks in .30-06.

3. The unit will be billeted in the M-34 squad tent. Please bring a cot and appropriate sleeping gear (it will be cold at night). We have space for 12. A couple of our pals from the 90th will be in with us as well.

4. Set up time will be between 1800 hrs this Friday. We will be in the WWII camp in the woods so ask for directions or look for signs.

5. Meals are provided on site. The meal pass for the entire weekend is less than $20 and the chow is great! There is also a vendor area with a variety of military goods.

6. The location address is 16123 Armour Street NE, Alliance, OH. The event is behind the factory on the old runways (now overgrown).

If you have any questions, please email me at Looking forward to a great weekend. See you there.

Pvt. C.L. Smith

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