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May 21, 2010

AAR Findlay Armed Forces Day

After we arrived and checked in with Lt. Felmlee's people we spent a couple hours walking through the vendors checking out all the great stuff for sale. Eric and I were able to find a few things we couldn't live without but Mark wasn't so lucky.

Around 10:30 we geared up and moseyed over to the Ground Pounder's camp to see what our assignment would be for the upcoming battle. When asked to volunteer for a flank attack ( in a jeep) I quickly accepted for all three of us. We were assigned to man a jeep complete with a driver, a trooper from Able Co 506th P.I.R. manning a 30 Cal. MG and three riflemen in the back (Mark,Eric and myself).

We made a couple passes,along with two other jeeps, on the right flank and in front of the Germans to draw there attention. The Germans also had a scout car and a motorcycle/sidecar that were also causing some mischief in our immediate front. The other two jeep crews were put out of action quickly forcing us to pull back out of range.

The Infantry hit the German front in a rush that surprised them but they were able to regroup and hold their ground. Then we hit their left flank with our jeep squad blazing away with three Garands, a Carbine, the 30 Cal and a Thompson. Once we got their attention, they couldn't cover both lines of defense and started taking casualties and falling back.

Once the shooting stopped , our Medic and theirs started looking after the wounded while the Infantry rounded up prisoners.

The fight lasted about twenty minutes and was HOT ! We did this scenario twice on Saturday and I had a blast both times even tho my M-1 didn't work in the first round. I helped man the 30 Cal and my ears rang for a while was worth it!

This is the second time I've done this event and it's a keeper. Great people, great vendors, great Military Vehicle show and they have a parade downtown on Saturday morning. But we seem to keep missing the parade because we're too busy shopping at the Military vendors.

I plan to attend this event next year and I hope you can join me.

Submitted 19 May 2010
AAR Findlay AFD
Pvt Bob Penix

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